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Community Foundation of Broward Funds

More than 700 people have started personal charitable Funds at the Community Foundation. Each Fund is as unique as the philanthropist who started it.

Please read on to learn more about our Funds and the philanthropists who created them.

Community Builders

Community Builders are philanthropic individuals and families who have endowed a Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward with one million dollars or more.

The Community Foundation of Broward is grateful for these Community Builders who empower us and future generations to further our mission and provide leadership on community solutions.

Sue & Jim Acheson


Sally and Frank Atlass

Marion T. and Percy P. Archibald

Cindy and Jim Caird Charitable Fund

James I. Coddington, Jr.

Randy and Larry Cotter

Libby and Jack Deinhardt

Drial Foundation Fund

Dorothy and Harold Franks

Gertrude Gray

Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz

The Hudson Family

Frederick W. Jaqua

Harriet and  Jack Kaye

Ginnie and Dick Kearns

Stephen A. Keller

Kiwanis Club of Fort Lauderdale

Elaine and Jon Krupnick

Mary Mackenzie

Everett Metcalf

Rose Miniaci

Jim and Jan Moran

Mary N. Porter

John H. Rau  

Alvin and Gloria Ross

Louise B. and Joseph S. Rumbaugh

Adeline M. and Francis A. Sines

Helen Wyatt Rust Stoykov

Elaine and Dr. Erwin M. Vasquez

May Jean & F. Louis Wolff


James C. Acheson Fund

This donor advised Fund enables Jim and Sue Acheson to support programs of importance to them including projects that enhance and improve the health of their community.

Ann Adams Fund
Established in 1994, this was originally a donor advised Fund as Ann Adams wished to support varied programs including those that helped children and the underserved in our community.  According to Ann's wishes, when she passed the Fund became a permanently endowed, unrestricted Fund to continue to help those in need in perpetuity.

Percy P. and Marion T. Archibald Fund
Marion made plans through her estate to  honor her marriage of 55 years to Percy through this Fund in their names.  It supports public broadcasting, and programs for the sight-impaired and for paramedics and their families.

Julia C.  Baldwin Fund
In 1985, Julia (Julie) Baldwin created one of the first donor advised funds of the Foundation.  Upon her death in 1991, The Community Foundation received the remainder of her Charitable Remainder Unitrust to create this permanent unrestricted endowment Fund which will be used to support and improve our community for years to come.

Bank of America Field of Interest Fund
As a philanthropic leader in our community, Bank of American established this field of interest fund in 1987 to provide services to the poor and disadvantaged.

Cooley Bastone Gill Family Charitable Fund in Memory of Fred Bastone    
This Fund was established by Fred's wife, Cobina and daughter, Christine, to support programs that enable children and families to live healthy and happy lives, built upon a foundation of fairness, integrity, knowledge and faith. It also supports programs to care for and protect animals, which add to our quality of life and sense of family. 

The Charles D. Bert Fund
In his will, Charles D. Bert provided that after his death, his estate would be used for two purposes:  (1) to create a permanent charitable trust that would benefit the Madison Community Foundation, and (2) to endow a Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward to benefit the Girl Scouts of Broward County, to be used for programs including those that bridge the gap between the young and the elderly.

Bienes Art Center Fund
This was established by Michael and Diane Bienes to support the Bienes Art Center of St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

James J. and Nancy W. Blosser Fund
This Fund fulfills Jim and Nancy's desire to build the capacity of individuals to become contributing members of society.  It supports the education of youth, family strengthening and programs that engage citizens in solutions to enhance their families, their neighborhoods and our Broward.
Bill, Brent, and Rebel Bowden Fund   
Bill Bowden created this Fund to honor his family.  It grants to programs that address the issue of mental health and also provides for the welfare of animals.  

Boyle Family Scholarship Fund
Jack Boyle's wife and friends chose to celebrate his birthday in 2004 by making donations to help establish this college scholarship Fund in his family's name.  The Fund provides scholarships for graduates from Broward County high schools, with preference given to those who will attend Georgetown University, and to students from single parent families.

John Gordon Bull Fund  
In memory of John Gordon Bull, friends and business asociates established this Fund to improve the lives of Broward youth by helping them to become productive, responsible, adult members of society. The Fund addresses issues such as health, housing and adoption.

Stanley B. and Eileen M. Burns Family Fund   
This permanently endowed Fund was established through Stanley Burns' estate to provide scholarhsips to students pursuing careers in music and in aeronautics, specifically pilot training. Stanley and Eileen's wishes and their names are now preserved in perpetuity.

Frank D. and Anita M. Butler Endowment Fund   
Mrs. Butler made arrangements in her will to create this Fund as a lasting legacy for her  and her husband Frank.  She wanted it to be unrestricted, to enable the Foundation to respond to needs in our community as they arise.

By Your Side Fund   
Started by an anonymous donor, this Fund supports programs that  help children and provide healthcare, shelter and food to the disadvantaged.  This Fund remains by the side of those in need.

Campaign for Change   
This Fund was established to ensure an ongoing revenue source that would support their mission to assist African Americans in the achievement of social and economic equality.

Sophia Carroll Charitable Fund
This Fund was created as a Field of Interest Fund to be used for children's educational purposes.

Antonette M. Cianfaro Fund   
Mrs. Cianfaro was a dedicated volunteer who wanted to help others in perpetuity.  Through her estate, she endowed this Fund which provides scholarships to Westminster Academy for children in need.

Dot and Keith Cobb Charitable Fund
Established as their second Fund with the Foundation, the Dot and Keith Cobb Charitable Fund will allow the Cobb family to further support the causes they care about.

Community Impact Fund   
The Community Impact Fund was established when a donor, who had no favorite charity, named the Foundation as the beneficiary of her estate, should her son and only heir, predecease her.  Upon her death, the son generously disclaimed the inheritance, allowing it to come to the Foundation.  He wished to remain anonymous, and have the Fund support solutions identified by the Community Foundation of Broward.  

Community Service Fund   
The Community Service Fund contributes specifically to First Call for Help Inc., a hotline information organization that services the needs of Broward County youth and adults in crisis.

Gilbert Corwin Fund   
Gil established this Fund in his lifetime, and strengthened it through his estate.  A field of interest fund, it provides health, education and welfare services to the homeless and to victims of AIDS, according to Gil's wishes.

The Sherman "Red" Crise and Evelyn R. Crise Memorial Fund   
This Fund supports programs that were of interest to Red and Evelyn Crise.

Francis J. Crowley Fund   
Established from an estate gift, Mr. Crowley's Fund allows the Foundation to continue supporting the most worthwhile programs for residents of our communtiy.

Elizabeth C. Deinhardt Fund   
This Fund was created by husband and co-Community Foundation Founder Jack Deinhardt and gifts from Libby's friends on the occasion of Libby's retirement as Executive Director of the Foundation. The fund will be used, at her request, for administrative endowment.

The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Broward County Scholarship Fund
This Fund was created to help Broward students in ther quest for higher education.  A new scholarship will be awarded annually to at least one graduating senior from each high school in Broward County. The scholarships are renewable for up to three years if the recipient meets specific renewal requirements. 

Jonathan Dominguez Fund   
When he was 16, Jonathan Dominguez was in a tragic car accident that claimed the life of his brother and left Jonathan a paraplegic.  Before his death in 2003, Jonathan chose the Community Foundation as the beneficiary of the remainder of his trust.  He requested that the Jonathan Dominguez Fund be used to improve the quality of life for disabled persons. 

Cathy G. and Richard P. Donnellan, Jr. Family Fund   
Mr. Donnellan started this family Fund as a holiday gift to his wife, Cathy.  The importance of education influenced their decision that the Fund concentrate on helping students attend college who are bright, but lack access to sufficient financial aid and scholarships.

Robert E. Dooley Fund
Robert established this Fund to facilitate his charitable giving to local causes important to him.

Drial Foundation Fund
This Fund was established by a generous Broward philanthropist to support the many causes important to him and to further the charitable purposes of the Community Foundation of Broward.

Keith W. Dunn Restricted Endowment Fund   
According to Mr. Dunn's wishes as expressed in his estate plans, this Fund is used to benefit programs that enable the recovery and rehabilitation of alcoholics in the Broward County community.

Fredrick M. Earle Memorial Fund   
Mr. Earle named the Foundation as a beneficiary of his estate after learning about our services from his financial advisor.  After his death in 1994, this Fund created his legacy.  It provides annual grants to support programs that give direct assistance to the many unfortunate and disadvantaged residents of our community.

Dorothy Louise Edwards Fund
Dorothy's spirit of giving was preserved through a gift from her estate.  Her Fund provides dedicated support to the Miami Children's Hospital, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and the American Red Cross Broward Chapter.

Egan Family Fund   
Michael and Jacqueline Egan established their donor-advised fund in 1995, and included their children as successor advisors.  This allows them to suggest grants to projects that matter to them, and engages their entire family in philanthropy.

Exchange Club of Pompano Beach Charitable Foundation, Inc. Fund   
This club has members living in Pompano Beach and Lighthouse Point.  The income from their endowment fund supports the many philanthropic causes sponsored by the group, especially for the youth of the area.

Helen Victoria Foote Fund   
The Helen Victoria Foote Fund was established in 2008 to further the humane care and treatment of animals.

Footsteps in the Sand   
The purpose of this fund is multifaceted. The fund is designed to memorialize the lives of individuals who successfully helped people living with AIDS. The Fund reminds PLWA's (people living with AIDS) that they are not alone; others have walked in their footsteps. Ths Fund also encourages volunteerism to help PLWAs and increases public awareness and compassion.  A goal is to reduce trasmission through innovative programs in communities at high risk for new infection.  This fund also gives people living with AIDS the opportunity to experience something that they otherwise would not experience due to their diesease and its complications.

Fort Lauderdale Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Fund   
This is a scholarship fund that is awarded to highschool students with an SAT1200 or higher and a grade point average of 3.3 or higher.  The student should also have scholarship and academic achievement, academic aptitude, participation in activities of school and community, ability to communitcate effectively and economic need.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Rotary Club Foundation Fund   
This Rotary Fund was established to provide a permanent source of funding for the scholarships awarded by the club each year, as well as to support may other charitable causes. Funds represent a major bequest from the late Fot Lauderdale businessman Ron Woodtard as well as the club's fund raising events and contributions.

Fort Lauderdale Symphony Orchestra Foundation Fund   
Because the The Florida Philharmonic no longer exists this fund now serves the Florida Youth Orchestra and and the Master Chorale of Florida.

Nancy M. France Fund   
The purpose of this field of interest Fund is to enhance educational programs in the public schools in Pompano Beach.  Nancy France is the sister of Mary Turner, in whose name another Fund with the same purpose was established.

Dorothy Kelley Franks Arthritis Fund   
To honor the memory of her mother, Beryl Kelley, Dorothy Franks established this Fund in 1991 to support arthritis research.

Harold D. Franks Cancer Fund   
The purpose of this field of interest Fund is to advance cancer research and provide assistance to cancer victims in Broward County.

Harold D. Franks Fund   
Prior to his death, Mr. Franks made provisions for this Fund to be established.  Since 1991 it has been providing necessary support to the Foundation to address the changing needs in Broward County.

Walter A. Friedly Memorial Scholarship Fund   
Walter Friedly was devoted to his career in the accounting field.  After his death, his wife, Harriet, started this scholarship Fund to benefit accounting majors in her husband's name as a legacy for him and to honor the importance he placed on giving back to the community.

Richard Frisby and Edward Burkhart Fund
Established through his legacy, Mr. Frisby's Fund will benefit gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender senior and youth receiving services from Sunshine Social Services (SunServe).

Robert Frederick Giese Fund   
Mr. Giese wanted his legacy to respond to the pressing issues of the day well into the next millennium.  To accomplish his goal he decided on the Foundation as his philanthropic vehicle.  Mr. Giese has lived in Broward Couty since the early 1980's.

Gay and Lesbian Broward Community Fund   
The mission of this Fund is to support programs, initiatives and services specifically benefiting the interest of the gay and lesbian community, and to promote equality and understanding, encourage cooperation, and support the endeavors of the gay and lesbian community of Broward County.

H. Wayne & Leah S. Glickfield Fund for the Humane Society of Broward County
Established by Mrs. Glickfield, the mission of this Fund us to suport the work of the HUmane Society of Broward County.

H. Wayne & Leah S. Glickfield Fund for the Salvation Army of Broward County
Established from her estate, the goal of this Fund is to support the work and operations of the Salvation Army of Broward County.

(Retired Fund) John C. Graves Charitable Fund   
Mr. Graves was a philanthropist who helped build the cultural cornerstones of the Fort Lauderdale area's gay community.  As he had requested, upon his death in 2003, this fund was established as his legacy, to support the mission of organizations active in or providing services to the gay and lesbian community.
Gertrude Gray Memorial Scholarship Fund
A college graduate, Gertrude Gray believed in the power of education.  She established this Fund through her estate to help students attend college and achieve their potential. 

Wilson B. Greaton, Jr. Fund   
The Greatons established this Fund in 1988.  Mr. Greaton, a board certified tax lawyer, was a valued member of the Foundation Board of Directors.

Ralph H. & Ruth Frank Gross Memorial Scholarship Fund   
Ruth Frank Gross was a remarkable woman in many ways and both she and her husband, Ralph, understood the value of a good education.  Before her death, she requested that her children set-up a scholarship Fund in memory of her and their father to encourage people to improve themselves as well as to provide for the betterment of their children.  Governmental workers and their families are qualified receipients because of the many good deeds that they perform that go unrecognized.

Louis and Isabelle Gunton Fund   
Louis and Isabelle C. Gunton provided that, after their deaths, their estates would be used to create a permanent charitable trust for the benefit of the Humane Society of Broward County.

Walter and Marie Habeck Scholarship Fund   
After reading a newspaper article about the rising cost of education, Walter Habeck, who had been widowed for many years, created a scholarship Fund at the Foundation in his and his wife's name as a family legacy.  He passed away on the morning that the first scholarship from the Fund was awarded.

Steven Halmos Family Fund   
Established in 1994 by Madelaine and Steve Halmos, this unrestricted Fund supports the broad range of needs in our community.

Gene and Collette Herman Family Fund   
Gene and Collette Herman are active community philanthropists.  They support Jack & Jill Children's Center and other programs- primarily to benefit children.

Rebecca Horton  Fund   
This Fund responds to the most pressing community needs, according to Rebecca Horton's wishes.

David and Francie Horvitz Family Fund   
This Fund responds to the most pressing community needs, according to David and Francine's wishes.

Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz Fund for the Arts
This Fund creates bold impact on the arts in Broward, an issue that is directly connected to the vibrancy of our community. 

Sharron and Joseph Ashby Hubert Fund
This Fund benefits organizations which support neurological diseases and disorders, and can be specifically directed to establish support facilities, facilitate treatment, empower physicians, further research and expand education.  

Hudson Family Fund   
The Hudson Family grants to local projects that improve the lives of our community, with a focus on children and families.

The Huizenga Fund for Children   
The Huizenga's created this fund in 1989 to support programs that improve the quality of life for children in Broward County.

Frederick W. Jaqua Fund
A gift from Frederick's estate created this unrestricted Fund to assure a health and vibrant community.

Junior Achievement, Free Enterprise Fund   
This Fund ensures the continued support of the Junior Achievement Free Enterprise program which promotes economic and free enterprise education.

Kashdin Family Fund   
The Kashdin Family Fund ensures they can direct their charitable giving to the charities they choose forever.

The Jack and Harriet Kaye Fund
Jack and Harriet's Fund enables local high school students to attend the Freedom's Foundation at Valley Forge Spirit of America conference, to reinforce the values of freedom and democracy in young people.

Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund for Christ Church United Methodist 
Mr. Keller's Fund was created from an estate gift to support the services offered by Christ Church United Methodist.
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund for Community Foundation of Broward
Established from an estate gift, Mr. Keller's Fund supports the administrative work of the Community Foundation of Broward.
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund for the Florida Grand Opera
Mr. Keller’s legacy lives on as a gift from his estate now creates a Fund for the Florida Grand Opera.
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund for Museum of Discovery and Science
Established from an estate gift, Mr. Keller's Fund was creadted to further support the works and services provided by the Museum of Discovery and Science.
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund for Symphony of the Americas
Established from an estate gift, Mr. Keller's Fund further supports the work of the Symphony of Americas.
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund for the YMCA of Broward County
Mr. Keller's Fund created from a gift from his estate was established to further support the work of the YMCA of Broward County.

Kiwanis Club of Fort Lauderdale Charitable Fund
The Kiwanis Club of Fort Lauderdale Charitable Fund will focus support for Broward County charitable initiatives reflecting the Kiwanis mission.

Kiwanis Club of Fort Lauderdale Scholarship Fund
The Kiwanis Club of Fort Lauderdale Scholarship Fund will provide post-secondary higher education, tradesman and vocational school scholarships to Broward County youth who have demonstrated academic achievement and financial need with preference to Key Club members.

Kresge Unrestricted Fund   
Established as a challenge grant with a $1 million goal under our agreement with The Kresge Foundation, the Fund gives us grantmaking capital that allows us to address the critical needs of our community today and in perpetuity.

Krupnick Campbell Malone Buser Slama Hancock Liberman & McKee, P.A. Fund   
As a philanthropic leader in our community, Krupnick Campbell and Malone's Fund gives generous support to a variety of charities.

Elaine Krupnick Fund for the Arts
The purpose of this fund is to support programs that promote fine arts (painting, drawing, sculpting) in Fort Lauderdale and the immediate surrounding areas. Special attention is given to programs and scholarships that enable minority women and at-risk children to be exposed to and become more skilled in the fine arts. This fund also supports projects and programs that invigorate arts communities and bring fine arts lessons and art installations (such as bold art projects and sculptural elements) to these communities. 

Krupnick Family Fund    
Founding Benefactor's Jon and Elaine Krupnick chose a donor advised fund as the perfect vehicle to further their philanthropic mission.  Their Fund allows them to support the programs that are of importance to them and to our community.  

Lawrence A. Sanders Fund to Promote Literacy   
The purpose of this Fund is to promote literacy, with a focus on youth.  Lawrence Sanders was a best-selling author of private eye and crime-related novels.

Lawrence A. Sanders Scholarship Fund for Creative Writing   
The Lawrence A. Sanders Scholarship Fund for Creative Writing provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors from either private of public high schools in Broward County who are interested in pursuing a career in creative writing.

Herschell and Margo Lewis Fund    
This Fund serves a diverse range of needs.  Whether creating a safety net for young adults who are out of foster care or protecting coral reefs - - their Fund responds to important issues facing our community.

Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund
Seeded by her generous bequest, Mary's Fund memorializes her marriage to Alex.  Because Mary wanted her philanthropy to remain timely, she entrusted the Community Foundation of Broward to identify local solutions for her Fund to support.

Malone Family Fund for Children    
Kevin and Jeannette Malone created this Fund to respond to the many needs of children in Broward County.  The Malone family chooses the organizations that receive grants in their name.  An endowed Fund, the Malones philanthropic focus on children will be carried out...For Good. For Ever.

Francis and Bessie McDwyer Fund   
The purpose of this field of interest Fund is to provide for animal welfare in Broward County.

Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Unrestricted Fund
Everett Metcalf created this Fund to give back to the community that gave so much to him.  It provides grants to a range of programs identified by the Community Foundation.

Rose Miniaci Family Fund
Rose's family Fund supports programs that inspire and fill children and families with hope and happiness. Grants educate, heal and feed, and also use the beauty of art and culture to nourish spirits.

Ana and Luis Mola Charitable Fund
Ana and Luis’ fund was established to support those causes that fulfill their charitable and philanthropic interests.

Jim Moran Children's Fund   
The purpose of this field of interest Fund is to support programs which motivate at-risk youth to succeed in their scholastic and vocational endeavors.

Jan Moran Donor Advised Fund   
This Fund allows Jan Moran to advise the community foundation on what charities are most important to her.  Through this relationship, Jan  Moran gives back to the community in a personally fufilling way.

Jan Moran Unrestricted Fund    
This enables Jan Moran to forever provide solutions for Broward County.

Jim and Jan Moran Community Solutions Challenge Fund for the United Way of Broward County, Inc.   
This endowed, designated Fund was established in 2004 specifically to benefit United Way of Broward County's Community Solutions Fund.

Jim and Jan  Moran Endowment Fund for the United Way of Broward County   
The Moran's forged this community partnership with the Foundation and the United Way to address the needs of families in Broward County and to promote long-term stability for the United Way and its members.

Jim Moran YATC Endowment Fund
This Fund was established in honor of Jim Moran, founder of the Youth Automotive Training Center (YATC), to benefit the Center in perpetuity.  The Center provides a GED program, training in the automotive industry to at-risk youth, as well as on-going support after graduation to help students secure and maintain employment.

Mukamal Family Fund
Their sense of commitment to help those less fortunate led the Mukamal family to establish their donor advised Fund with the Foundation.

North Broward Hospital District Charitable Fund   
The NBHD Charitable Fund was formed to support the District medical facilities and to construct programs that will improve the quality of health care in Broward County.

James K. Oppenheimer Fund   
Coming from a long tradition of investing in his community, James K. Oppenheimer created this Fund to support critical programs and organizations in Broward County, with a special emphasis on children and education.

K&K Patel Foundation Fund   
The Patels converted their private foundation into a donor advised family charitable Fund at the Foundation.  Areas they are interested in supporting include fighting cancer, diabetes, and sight impairment.

James and Sandra Porter Charitable Fund   
The Sandra and James Porter Charitable Fund is committed to helping those in need.  The Fund utilizes its resources to provide to those less fortunate the benefits of shelter, food, education, human services, health care and the opportunity to start a new and better life.

John H. Rau Space Education Fund and the John H. Rau Fund 
These unique Funds were established through John Rau’s estate to fulfill his wish to educate people on space and space exploration.  Rau’s Funds also provide dedicated support to his and his wife Nancy’s favorite charities including Women in Distress, NASA Kennedy Space Center and WPBT Channel 2.

Milton B. and Ruth R. Pulch Fund   
Mr. Pulch established this Fund through his estate to support a number of nonprofits that were dear to him.

Leonard & Sally Robbins Fund   
Founding Director Leonard Robbins and wife Sally, who later joined the Board, created this endowed, unrestricted Fund to help our community meet the Kresge Challenge, and to serve Broward's needs forever.

Harold Rosenberg Fund for Children's Education   
Created in 2009 with a gift from Mr. Rosenberg's estate, this Fund is dedicated to assisting children and youth to expand their knowledge and creativity through education in the arts, science and technology.  Grants from this Fund will also foster personal development within these young individuals.

Joseph S. and Louise B. Rumbaugh Fund
The Rumbaughs created this Fund through their estate to support, in perpetuity, organizations that were important to them.   

Susan E. Sachs Designated Fund    
Susan's Fund supports her chosen organizations: The City of Fort Lauderdale, Division of Parks and Recreation to be used for the Adapted Aquatics Program for the disabled or any other program designed to promote physical fitness for the disabled.  Also, WLRN Public radio station, WPBT public TV and Women in Distress of Broward County.

Shamon Family Charitable Fund
Cheryl and Douglas Shamon's donor advised Fund supports projects and organizations chosen by them and their family.

Shea Family Charitable Fund
Through their involvement with the Foundation and support of their community, the Shea family opened this donor advised Fund because they realized Foundation staff would keep them up-to-date on community needs.

Antoinette Sherman Fund   
Mrs. Sherman's made arrangements prior to her death in 1999 for this permanent unrestricted endowment Fund.  Thanks to her plans, her memory is honored and she will help our community in perpetuity.

Francis A. and Adeline M. Sines Memorial Fund   
Del Sines created this Fund to honor her late husband and their marriage.  She has carefully chosen organizations that fulfill their charitable wishes, and now their legacy will live on for generations to come.

Kathryn E. and Robert S. Smith Family Charitable Fund
This Fund strives to enable families and children to enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.  It supports the immediate needs of disadvantaged youth, adults and the aged, and also seeks to assure longer-term impact by helping people improve their lives through education, revitalized neighborhoods and more livable communities.

Shannon and Jonathan Robertson Charitable Fund
This Fund was established to continue the Robertson family tradition of philanthropy.

Clara Miller Snyder Memorial Fund
Clara created this Fund to support the work of the Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa to serve the poorest of the poor. Her personal Fund was created through a trust during her lifetime, and her wisher were fulfilled after she and her husband, Lawrence, passed away. 

Lawrence J. Snyder Memorial Fund
This Fund provides support in perpetuity for Covenant House of Fort Lauderdale, a program that was dear to Clara's husband Lawrence.

R. Harold Stein and Elizabeth Ransom Stein Fund
This Fund provides support to Broward County students in financial need who wish to attend pharmacy school. 

Stella Fund   
Through philanthropy, the Stella Fund strives to offer young people, particularly gay youth, a life free of fear, violence, and discrimination. It supports projects that build understanding, tolerance and opportunity for youth so they may become self-reliant individuals.  It values creativity, and the spirit that enables youth to overcome their hardships and fulfill their dreams.

P.H. and Loretta C. Stitt Fund for the Benefit of Broward Children's Center  
Mrs. Stitt made arrangements before her death that this Fund would exist as a legacy to her and her husband by benefiting the Broward Children's Center.  Never having had children of her own, she was very touched after a visit to see the critically ill babies in their care.  Her generosity will improve the lives of infants, children, and young adults with special heath care needs.

George R. and Jean B. Stubbs Scholarship Fund
Jean Stubbs created this Fund through her will to continue her and her husband’s belief in the value of a college education.  It is intended to benefit needy Broward County students who wish to attend a four-year college or university and are academically qualified, but who are unable to attend without financial assistance.  

Sun-Sentinel Literacy Fund   
This Fund makes grants to literacy programs in Broward, to help students achieve their greatest potential.

Tate Family Foundation Fund
The Tate family supports programs of integrity that improve the lives of children and families.  Their goal is to end the cycle of poverty, dependency and violence and move individuals along the path to self-reliance.  Our philanthropy also supports the arts, which are vital to a healthy community. 

Talenfeld Zobel Family Charitable Fund
Jullie and Howard established this Fund to engage their family in their tradition of giving back.  It supports a wide range of charitable organizations recommended by them.

Charles and Ruth Taylor Fund   
Charles and Ruth Taylor had generous spirits and their desire to improve the quality of life in our community led them to designate in their wills that their fund would support education, scholarships, and the arts. People of all ages will benefit from this fund established in 2003.

Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant Fund
Jerry and Nancy created this Fund to support programs in their Broward community, including innovative programs that help foster children succeed as adults. 

Tripp Family Fund for Educational Opportunity   
In 1994, Broward attorney Norman Tripp and his family established this permanent fund to help women in transition earn degrees at Broward Community College.

Mary  M. Turner Fund   
The purpose of this field of interest fund is for educational programs in the public schools in Pompano Beach.

August Urbanek Family Fund   
The realization of the many urgent needs that might arise in a community after a catastrophic event led the Urbanek family to establish this Fund to assist in disaster relief.  Their gift will help lives get back on track following a hurricane or other disaster.

Donald Vander Linde Fund  
This field of interest fund was established with a bequest from the estate of Minnie Vander Linde to honor her son, Donald, who passed away from lung cancer. Grants from this fund provide relief and assistance for individuals suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses.

Annette Van Howe Women's Fund   
An independent and successful woman in her lilfetime, Annette's Fund assists other women who need a helping hand in order to navigate life's challenges.

Erwin M. Vasquez, M.D. and Elaine Vasquez Family Foundation Fund
in honor of Doctors Natalie A. and Oscar Nadeau

This donor advised Fund fulfills the Vasquez's desire to help the elderly, in honor of their friends and philanthropists, Natalie and Oscar Nadeau.

The Vicino Family Charitable Fund
The Vicino family desires all to be able to live in a safe and healthy environment. They see education as the primary vehicle for people to be able to meet their basic needs as well as attain their physical, mental, and spiritual potential. They want to help provide the educational means so that everyone can be inspired to lead an abundant life. 

Linda L. and Douglas J. Von Allmen Family Fund
This donor advised Fund supports a wide range of programs for children, families and others, according to Linda and Douglas' charitable interests.

Weidman Family Fund
Richard and Wilma's Fund allows them to recommend grants to organizations and projects that fulfill their varied charitable interests.

Jack and Ginger Weinbaum Fund   
Established after their deaths, the Fund will continue to support the charitable interests of Mr. and Mrs. Weinbaum by giving grants to Jewish charities and other agencies serving those in need.  It also will be used for educational purposes.

Lou and May Jean Wolff Educational Fund   
To help deserving individuals in our community gain an education, their Fund benefits the Broward College Foundation.

Lou and May Jean Wolff Family Foundation Fund
Grateful for the hand that has raised them up, this Fund's mission is to reach down and lift others up with food, shelter, knoweldge and counseling.  It supports programs that empower children to learn, and strives to break the cylce of helplessness and poverty. Its beneficiaries may then be able to, one day, reach out their own hand to help those less fortunate.

Celia Lipton Farris and Victor W. Farris Foundation Home Community Fund
Established to support those causes important to Mr. and Mrs. Farris during their lifetime

Charitable Funds

Martha Read Adams and Anne Adams Lester Fund
Captain Blair Albert Fund
Raquel N. Alexander-Azar Fund
The Allen Family Fund for Children
Amaturo Family Foundation Scholarship Fund
Percy P. and Marion T. Archibald Fund
Carole H. Ashlin Fund
AutoNation, Inc. Fund
Beverley Baker Endowment Fund
Bank of America Unrestricted Fund
Peter J. and Mary C. Barbare Fund
Jack Belt Memorial Fund
Bienes Arts Center at Aquinas Endowment Fund
Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation Fund
Blockbuster Entertainment Unrestricted Fund
Anna Bloeser Fund
Anna Klara Bloeser Fund
Blosser Family Fund
James J. and Nancy W. Blosser Fund
Cynthia Borders Charitable Fund
Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County Educational Fund
Broward Bar Foundation Fund
Brogan Family Fund
Broward County Bike Path Fund
Broward's Tribute to Children Fund
Broward County Women's History Coalition Fund
Ruth H. Brown Fund for the Arts
Margie Bruszer SOS Children's Villages-Florida Fund
The Broward Women's Alliance Fund for the Advancement of Women
Frank P. and Blanche S. Buck Fund
Steven C. Camp Memorial Scholarship Fund
Muriel T. Campbell Memorial Fund
Linda and Michael Carter Fund
Rick and Rita Case Fund
Helen A. Chadwick Fund
Shannon Chambliss Memorial Fund
Helen and Loys Charbonnet Family Fund for Children
Mary Lucile Charlton Fund
Dot and Keith Cobb Fund
Sheriff Ron Cochran Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ida, Marjorie and Barbara Cohen Fund
Community Concerts Association of Fort Lauderdale Performing Arts Fund
The Cooperative Feeding Program's Lifenet 4 Families Endowed Fund
William Costa Fund
Jan and Ed Crocker Unrestricted Fund
Children's Services Council of Broward County Charitable Fund
Davenport Scholarship Fund
Deinhardt Charitable Fund
Caroline Elizabeth Dellaporta Trust for Children Fund
Louise and Rudi Dill Charitable Fund
Discretionary Community Fund
Cathy and James Donnelly Charitable Fund
Cathy and James Donnelly Family Fund
Robert E. Dooley Fund
Jay Dorman Memorial Fund
Earth for All Fund
Edee Greene/Women in Distress of Broward County, Inc. Endowment Fund
Donn F. Eisele Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert Elmore Family Fund for the United Way of Broward County
Robert Elmore Family Fund
E.Y.E.S. Project Fund
Leonard and  Antje Farber Fund
Florida Youth Orchestra Endowment Fund
Fort Lauderdale High School Partners for the Future
Fort Lauderdale Navy League Sea Cadets Fund
Fort Lauderdale People for Parks Fund
Foster Care Fund
Rose Fridek Fund
A Fund for the Performing Arts
Theodore H. Gilbert Fund
The Goldworn Family Charitable Fund
Dr. Stanley & Pearl Goodman Scholarship Fund
Grevior Fund
Donald C. Grobmyer Fund
Michael J. Grimmé II Promising Future Educational Fund
Jeffry L.G. Halmos Fund
Stephanie J. Halmos Fund
Harry Hamilton Fund
Edward Hashek and John Jors Charitable Fund
Helligas Family Scholarship Fund
Berta Hirschl Fund
Maxine Powers Hofert  Fund
Jo Ann Hoffman Homeless Fund
Marlene Holder Charitable Fund
Holy Cross Hospital Endowment Fund
Miriam Hood Fund for the U.S. Navy League Fort Lauderdale Council
William and Norma Horvitz  Fund
Fonda and H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr. Family Trust Fund
Huizenga Family Unrestricted Fund
Edwin A. and Jane N. Huston Fund
Paige and Steve Hyatt Charitable Fund
Helen B. and Hugh G. Isley, Jr. Fund
Jack and Jill Nursery Fund
JM Family Enterprises Fund
Emridge E. J. Jones Fund
Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale, Inc. Agency Endowment Fund
The JoAnne and Alan Kane Fund
Kappa Kappa Gamma Barbara Marko Scholarship Fund
Kathie's Club at HANDY Fund
Katz Family Fund
The KB Fund
Ethel L. Keller Fund
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller YMCA Multicultural Achievers Fund
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund for the Miami City Ballet
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund for Broward County Chapter of American Red Cross
Stephen A. and Ethel L. Keller Fund for The Salvation Army of Broward County Florida
Ellen and Gertrude B. Kirby Fund
John O. and Victoria C. Kirby Fund
The Knight Foundation Fund
William A. Krueger Charitable Fund
Elaine and Jon Krupnick Family Fund
James and Lynn LaBate Family Fund for Children, AIDS and Hospice Work
Barbara and Michael G. Landry Fund for Broward
Kevin Lane Charitable Fund
Elizabeth Lange Memorial Scholarship Fund
Las Olas Corridor Beautification Project Fund
Henry Latimer Memorial Fund
David W. Leonard Fund
Lighthouse of Broward County, Inc.
Susan and Jack Loving Fund
Susan and Jack Loving Unrestricted Fund
Steven C. Lowensten Five Dollar Fund
Loren R. Lyons Fund
Mary Houliston MacDonald Fund For Women
Mary Houliston MacDonald Scholarship Fund for Women
Nancy J. MacDonald Scholarship Fund
Gary and Gloria Maehl Fund
Mark M. Maguire and Craig E. Wilson Fund
Neil and Janet Maizner Family Fund
Geri Malloy Maliner Nursing Education Fund
Heidi and Mark Maller Fund
Lucille Harris Mann Fund
Peggy and Grey Marker Charitable Fund
Edward and Lola Marshman Fund
Nancy Matthews Operating Fund for Covenant House
Yolanda and William Maurer Fund
Marilyn Mayhill Scholarship Fund for the Jack & Jill Nursery
Larry D. and Julianne McGinnes Fund
Friends of Ann Meacham Leadership Scholarship Fund
Mellon Charitable Fund
Cori and Brad Meltzer Fund
Mendez/Corban Fund
Mental Health Association Fund
Judith and Kent Mergler Kids In Distress Fund
Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Unrestricted Fund
Miami-Dade Chapter of the Florida Association of Women Lawyers Scholarship Fund
Ginny and Tom Miller Fund
Miller Family Fund
Daryl G. Miller Charitable Fund
Virginia H. Miller Fund
MJM Memorial Scholarship Fund
Museum of Discovery and Science Designated Fund
Museum of Discovery and Science Founding Benefactor Fund
Thomas L. Monz  and Shelley Irene Walker Memorial Fund
Joseph P. and Patricia A. Moore Fund
Morey Family Fund
J & L Morris Fund for the Benefit of Bethany Christian School
Dev Motwani Charitable Fund
The MV Charitable Fund
Sheriff Nick Navarro Fund I
Debra Levy Neimark Memorial Scholarship Fund
Oakland Park Woman's Club
A. Gordon Oliver Memorial Fund
The Charles L. Palmer Family Fund
Commissioner Sylvia Poitier Fund
Martha Lee Porter College Fund for the Benefit of the Legally Blind
Mary N. Porter Fund
Mary Porter Fund for the Gold Coast Jazz Society
Robert O. Powell Family Fund
Public Relations Society of America/Gulfstream Chapter Fund
R. J. and Nancy Purdy Fund
R Squared Charitable Fund
Norman R. and Ruth Rales Fund
Beulah M.S. and Willie Rawls, Sr. Inner-city Education Fund
REALTOR Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale, Inc. Fund
Regency Group Fund
Robert Lichentenstein Charitable Fund
Pauline Reichert Fund
Mary Riedel Charity Scholarship Fund
Riverland Elementary School Designated Fund
Margaret and Cato Roach Tribute Fund
Albert J. Rollo "Extraordinaire" Music Fund
William G. Roy, Sr. Fund
Edward Rudner Fund
Fred and Mary Ruffner Fund
Patricia Lee Rutherford Fund for Children
Elizabeth Ryan Fund
John D. Ryan Fund
Susan E. Sachs Field of Interest Fund
Saint Thomas Aquinas Fund
Hazel Smith Sandifer Fund
Sheldon and Bobbe Schlesinger Fund
The Setnor Byer Family Fund
Shamon Family Charitable Fund
Helene and William Shillington Fund
Patricia A. Shub Fund for Companion Animal Benefit
Kathleen Kinney Slappey Fund
Lawrence J. Snyder Memorial Fund
Hilda and Theodor Sokolowski Fund
Barry and Susan Somerstein Family Fund
Heather and David Spader Charitable Fund
Isabelle Kole Stein Endowment for the Arts Fund
Blayne Stout AIDS Fund
Arch Angelus Sturaitis and Laura Sturaitis Creative Control International Giving Fund
St. Thomas University Library Book-A-Year Fund
Talenfeld Zobel Family Charitable Fund
Mildred Talkwicz Designated Fund
Tate Family Scholarship Fund
Jerry Taylor and Nancy Bryant Fund
Til Learning Center Project Fund
Sondra, Harry and Sarah Title Fund
Tripp Scott Fund for Community Diversity
Twice As Good Foundation
Gregory Ullman Charitable Fund
United Cerebral Palsy of Broward County Fund
United Way of Broward County Endowment Fund A
United Way of Broward County Endowment Fund B
Unwin Moore Children's Voice Fund
August and  Melba Urbanek Fund
Urban League of Broward County Endowment Fund
Vista Healthplan Children's Health Fund
Linda L. and Douglas J. Von Allmen Family Fund
Weidman Family Fund
Gary Wendt Fund
Ola L. & Runette L. Williams Scholarship Fund
Allan Wolpowitz Fund
Women's Executive Club Virginia Young Fund
Womens Fund
Elizabeth Clark Wood Fund
Lloyd I. Wright Foundation Fund
William Z. Yahr, M.D. Endowment for Children's Heart Health Fund
YMCA of Broward County Endowment Fund
Kurt and Patty Zimmerman Family Fund
Heather and David Spader Charitable Fund
Carol J. Zemmel Animal and Human Connection Fund
Broward County Community Foundation



Broward County Community Foundation
Broward County Inspiring Philanthropy over 25 years